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The future and all other questions.
$1 per question.
Please phrase your questions clearly.
Your full name is requested only if the questions
are concerning yourself.
Payments are accepted by e-mail. E-mail me the questions to
The rate of payment is $1 per question. You may build an account of questions, for example, you may send $10 , ask one question and reserve the other nine for whenever you wish to ask them.   
Readings by phone are $20.00 for 20 minutes and must be pre-arranged through e-mail.
The One Dollar Psychic is the fund raising service of Child Search.


Send  check , bank order, or international potal money order to Robert Lindblad along with your questions to:

Robert Lindblad

185 - 3rd ave. #5

Montreal, Quebec


H4G 2X1 

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Child Search is a free international service provided by psychic Robert Lindblad for pinpointing the whereabouts of missing children and their kidnappers / murderers in an instant. For more info on Child Search click the following link: